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Case Studies of HOMAG Group 

In order to give you an insight into our comprehensive machinery & services, please read our customer case studies...


HOMAG UK help take Lignify to the next level
In 2014, with much of the business’ machinery getting long in the tooth, the directors made the decision to invest in new equipment which would drive the business forward towards its target turnover of £2m within three years.
BVB Shop (by Dula)09/09/2013

World of brand experiences around the world
What do BMW, Borussia Dortmund, Bugatti and Zara have in common? They all rely on the same interior designer: The Dula Group. Animated presentation of high-quality products and transport of brand identities – these are the company tasks of the Dula Group.
SWT 32508/21/2012

Highlight for craftsmen
High-quality surface finishes are in fashion and frequently pose a major challenge for joiners and interior fitters. Even small and medium-sized companies can now tackle them more economically then before – thanks to BÜTFERING wide-belt sanding machines.

Think like an industrialist, work like a tradesman:
Industrial concepts for handicraft manufacture: The cosmetics industry's requirements on shop fitting are very high: batch size 1 production, a vast variety of materials, high speeds. Special emphasis is placed on creativity and excellent efficiency.

"No such thing as no can do!"
commod creates unique artistically crafted furniture with outstanding surfaces

High-tech in pastures green
Where world-renowned Allgäu cheeses were once made, top-class contemporary furniture is now produced by Erwin Günther using HOMAG technology (ecoPlus).

Swedish cool
Spaljisten AB based in Åseda in Sweden is a specialist in the production of foil wrapped furniture components. Spaljisten has now turned its attention to the topic of “high-gloss furniture fronts” with foil-wrapped surfaces.

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