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 BÜTFERING – the brand for sanding 

BÜTFERING Wide Belt Sanders, the experts of intelligent machine concepts for woodworking applications. Sanding of flat panels for calibration, fine finish and varnish. No matter if you need an entry level machine for your craftsmen shop or a custom made production machine for your industrial line. Come to us, we have your machine.



BÜTFERING is offering innovative solutions for each sanding application

... for all applications
Calibration, Solid Wood, Veneered Panels, Lacquer, Melamine, MDF .... intelligent sanding solutions for a perfect surface.

... for all demands
Small and medium sized workshops, industrial production and more. From an entry level machine, to the completely equipped special models, up to custom-made industrial production machines.

... for each class of performance
We are building machines in 5 classes of performance but only in under one quality label.

... in each specification
You can select the perfect machine for your application out of the BÜTFERING modular system.


WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH
– Division Schleiftechnik –

Benzstrasse 10-16
33442  Herzebrock-Clarholz

Tel.: +49 5245 445 0
Fax: +49 5245 445 44139